Put your wellbeing first in a toxic workplace

For many of us, we consider our offices and workplaces as our second home. After all, we spend the majority of our working hours here. In some cases, we spend more time in our workplaces that you do with your family.

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Toxic workplace environment

If you are working in an office that you feel is toxic, that dissatisfaction can carry over into your personal life. Not only can ruin your mood, but a toxic workplace can also damage everything from your confidence to your relationship with your workmates and employers. It can also have an impact to your health as it can lead to burnout, fatigue and depression.

Working in a toxic office environment can affect your wellbeing. If you notice certain signs that the place is not ideal to work in, you better do something.

One of the most common reasons why an office becomes toxic is when you work for a toxic boss. Some bosses make their employees feel that they are lucky to have been hired by their company. If you’ve been told by your employer that “you’re lucky for having a job,” then it’s already a red flag. Don’t fall into this scare tactic. Otherwise, you’ll feel that you’re in the marginalised position. Do not allow this kind of bullying.

There are also some toxic bosses that tyrannical. They always try to control his employees’ every move and seem like waiting to pounce on you for messing up. They don’t listen and they feel like they are always right. Working for this kind of people will definitely make your workplace toxic.

Apart from employers, another factor that makes an office or workplace toxic is the co-workers. When you work in a place where everyone seems to hate his job, you are trapped in a hostile environment. This also results to high turnover rate among employees. This is a sign that people are fleeing due to unhappiness and poor morale at the office.

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